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A separate brand within our publishing house, istolé Fiction offers a selection of novels, stories and poetry collections with a historical theme.

Here you will find historical novels from different eras, such as the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Middle Ages and modern times. Modern political thrillers, Stone Age adventure novels, 19th-century social novels and much more.

istolé Fiction
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  • Buchhandlung für historische Romane

    Bookstore orders

    Historical novels from our company are available in over 25 countries. Thanks to our cooperation with local printers, the books are often ready for collection from the bookstore after 1-2 days. Tell your trusted bookstore the ISBN from our catalog and you'll soon be holding the book in your hands!

  • istolé Belletristik - historische Romane und Erzählungen

    We deliver worldwide!

    Of course, you can also order your historical novel directly from our online bookshop, as all titles are in stock and can be delivered at any time.

    The shipping costs vary from country to country and are specified in the ordering process.

    We will deliver every work from our catalog directly to your home - worldwide!

  • Romane Mittelalter, Steinzeit und Bronzezeit

    E-books for immediate use

    Our historical novels are usually also published in EPUB format and are licensed to you as the buyer.

    Each e-book is 100% identical to the printed book.

    After ordering, you will receive a download link by email, which will also be stored in your customer account, if available, and can be called up at any time.

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The fiction publishing brand for upscale reading pleasure

With our imprint istolé Fiction we offer entertaining historical novels from all eras of history. Whether it's the Middle Ages, Bronze Age, Stone Age, Rome or Greece - we also have exciting and entertaining reading material for more recent history such as the 20th century, the age of industrialization and contemporary history.

Political thrillers, adventure novels, social novels and historical thrillers. History lovers can enjoy real reading with istolé Belletristik !