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Marion Leuther

Sons of the snow [Schneesöhne]

A Neanderthal story

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Edition: 1.

Release year: 2024

Number of pages: 48 pages

Images: None

Format: 12.0 x 18.0 cm

Language/s: German

ISBN (printed book): 978-3-910347-33-5

ISBN (ePDF): 978-3-910347-34-2

ISBN (EPUB): 978-3-910347-35-9

Short text

Western Europe around 40,000 years ago. The young Neanderthal woman Idigi waits in vain for the men of her clan to return. Hunger and cold force her to move south with the women and children of her tribe - a dangerous journey at the end of which she meets the feared modern humans.

An entertaining and educational short story about a woman's willingness to embrace the changing times.

Keywords: Historical narrative, Stone Age, Neanderthals, cavemen, hunting, magic stone, Alps, Cro-Magnon man, Homo sapiens, modern man, women, short story, Western Europe, clans, tribal life, survival, struggle for survival, adventure.

About the author

Stone Age stories

Marion Leuther was born in Cologne in 1965, where she still lives today. She worked as a PR journalist for many years and has been publishing short stories and novels since 2011. She is interested in history, travel, lifestyle and hiking. With “Snow Sons” she takes the reader back to a bygone age.

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