Romane über mutige Frauen

Autumn Collection 2023 – Three heroines in the focus

This time, three women are the focus of the reader's attention in the autumn collection of istolé Fiction:

  • Through her clever actions, Judith, the widow from Bethulia, brings down the great empire of Babylon. It is often the power of the weak that changes world history!
  • Between truth and fiction, Conny Burian's autobiographically told novel traces the life line of Hilde, a nun from Passau who writes the Nibelungenlied.
  • The novel "Before Autumn Comes" is the start of a five-part family saga in which the main character, Sophia Mohr, achieves great success in her craft.

The publishing team is looking forward to numerous marketing activities, which will now be undertaken in collaboration with the authors for these historical novels.

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