About us

Since the founding in October 2022, AKRES Publishing has focused on publishing specialist literature on history, antiquity and historical propaedeutics for an international audience. The publishing house is managed by the ancient historian Christian Leeck, and located in a listed Art Nouveau building at Remscheider Straße 45, in the historic centre of Wuppertal-Ronsdorf.

AKRES publishing house for antiquity, history and archeology. Specialist publisher for historical science based in Wuppertal.

International Networking

Our publishing house has set itself the goal of prioritizing topics in the programme that represent new, fundamental research impulses and have so far received little attention on an international level. The publishing range includes studies on various special disciplines such as numismatics, epigraphics, linguistic history and archaeology.

AKRES Publishing. Publishing house for ancient history, archaeology, history and numismatics. International publisher for classical studies.

The mastermind behind the project, Christian Leeck, was trained in publishing and holds a degree in history. As part of a research project at the University of Wuppertal, he worked on the Poleis Selinunte and Agrigento and is still actively involved in ancient history research. His research projects on Greek western Sicily led to a series of collaborations with authorities, excavation missions and university institutes.

This research experience shapes the publisher's efforts to promote international communication within the scientific world.

Publishing Programme

Since the publishing house was founded, the team has endeavoured to include scientific works in other languages ​​in addition to German and English and to market them in more than 25 countries.

"We endeavor to reflect the diversity of historical and classical research in our publishing programme and to promote young scientists." – Christian Leeck, publisher

The istolé Fiction brand rounds off our publishing range with a series of historical novels, poetry and narrative works on historical subjects.

Publishing Team

History publisher. International research on antiquity, late antiquity, prehistory, the Middle Ages and modern times.

Our publishing team reflects the international character of the publishing programme. We speak a total of eight languages, including Spanish, French, Romanian and Italian.

In addition to the publishing manager, our permanent team also includes two employees for graphics/typesetting, an editor and a project administrator. You can find their contact details under Contact.

Information on the authors for whom we publish can be found in the Author Portraits section.


As a new publisher on the market, we attach great importance to cooperation with other companies from the publishing, creative and language industries. Here you can see a selection of our cooperation partners:

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AKRES Publishing - We are an international newcomer publisher with an affiliated partner bookshop for history and classical studies. A high degree of professionalism and passion for book production characterize our daily work.

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