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Ancient historical topics have been a prominent part of the publishing program since the publishing house was founded in 2022. In our publishing house, you will find research on Greco-Roman history as well as specialist articles, non-fiction and essays on other cultural areas of the ancient world.

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Ancient History
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As a young but tradition-conscious specialist publisher for history and classical studies, it is our concern to always work closely with authors and editors. Find out more about the scientific job profiles of our authors here!

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AKRES Publishing - The publisher for ancient history, classical studies and archaeology

As a specialist publisher for ancient history, it is our concern to always offer an up-to-date range of publications. We provide you with newer literature from the fields of linguistics/classical philology, archaeology, numismatics, epigraphics, historical regional studies and other sub-areas of classical studies.

Working closely with authors and editors, we encourage the publication of revised and updated new editions. With historical and classical research from different countries and in several languages, we are crossing historical borders and bringing international experts a whole lot closer!