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Rudolph Kremer

The Art of Trickery and Reading Signs From the Gods. An Introduction to Divination in Ancient Rome [Gauklerkunst und Götterzeichen. Eine Einführung zur Wahrsagung im alten Rom]

Basic knowledge on the ancient world

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Edition: 1st

Release year: 2023

Number of pages: 216 pages

Images: 0 fig.

Format: A5

Language/s: German

ISBN: 978-3-910347-21-2

ISBN (ePDF): 978-3-910347-22-9

ISBN (EPUB): 978-3-910347-23-6

Short text

Consulting the gods through divination was an everyday part of Roman religion. In general, the ancient Romans were familiar with many forms of divination that are still practiced today, such as dowsing, palmistry, and scriptural oracles.

This book offers a systematic examination of all religious and secular forms of divination known in ancient Rome. Taking socio-historical and literary contexts into account makes the phenomenon of Roman divination more understandable for the reader and enables references to the present.

Tags: divination, divination, Rome, witches, magicians, omens, dream interpretation, astrology, necromancy, sibyl, oracle, augurs, auspices, bird's eye view, haruspices, viscera view, liver view, sacrificial show, magic, signs of the gods, belief in spirits, séances, incubation oracles, Caesar, Augustus, Ovid, Cicero, ancient religions, religious history, fortune telling, forms of divination, Roman religion, scientific introduction, basic principles, basic knowledge, basic knowledge, study book

About the author

Ancient philology and Roman religious history

Rudolph Kremer, born in 1978, has a doctorate in classical philology, is a Protestant theologian and educator. He teaches as a high school teacher in the Osnabrück region. He published his third book on the religious practice of the ancient Romans with AKRES Publishing, “The Art of Trickery and Signs From the Gods”.

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