Bandits, criminals and outlaws

With its current new releases, the publisher istolé Belletristik delivers a variety of exciting historical adventures based on true facts.

  • The Brazilian folk hero - actually a non-hero - Lampião initially campaigned on his own initiative against the large landowners in northeastern Brazil, but his actions gave the rural population a powerful boost at the beginning of the industrial age. A mass movement emerged, but ultimately he remained a bandit.
  • The story of the Eifel robbers , who were organized into gangs in the post-Napoleonic era and caused a lot of unrest between Aachen and Cologne, ends tragically. Their motivation is dealt with in the novel of the same name, written by Maik Schurkus.
  • The mischief of the Italian mafia, which has been secretly active in the Rhine-Neckar region since the 1970s, is addressed by Karlsruhe judge Alessandro Bellardita in his historical police thriller "The Sicilian case" .
  • An EU corruption scandal involving a group of leading politicians is dealt with in Pia Stangier's book "Ruthless Power" . Written in a gripping manner, it outlines the vulnerability of people in positions of responsibility and at the same time provides information.

Four books that lead the reader into the world beyond the legal and repeatedly show how quickly this boundary can be crossed in everyday life.

Machine translated from German.

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