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Rainer Grebe

Reflections on Berlin [Berliner Spiegelblicke]

Anecdotes about the history of Berlin.

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Edition: 1.

Release year: 2024

Number of pages: 192 pages

Images: None

Format: 12.0 x 18.0 cm

Language/s: German

ISBN (printed book): 978-3-910347-45-8

ISBN (ePDF): 978-3-910347-46-5

ISBN (EPUB): 978-3-910347-47-2

Short text

Do we show respect and appreciation to our fellow human beings? Are a person's character and solidarity with one another less valuable than the size of an individual's bank balance? What do we believe in? What consequences can silence have in a conformist society?

Many serious questions that the Berlin author Rainer Grebe explores in a humorous way. For him, the autobiographical anecdotes are a look in the mirror and thus at events that affected him in different ways. As a Berliner from all over, he also holds the mirror up to his readers in order to point out problems that we constantly encounter in everyday life.

Keywords: Berlin, East Berlin, West Berlin, division, GDR, German history, 20th century, post-war period, border crossers, short stories, anecdotes, stories, true events, factual reports, memoirs, Köpenick, Potsdam.

About the author

Berlin anecdotes

The Berlin author Rainer Grebe spent his childhood in East Berlin. Since he was not allowed to attend high school in the GDR for socio-political reasons, he took his Abitur in West Berlin. After studying at a technical college, he worked in human resources and health management.

He sees himself as a “West Berliner” and stands for the values ​​of tolerance and solidarity. He began his writing career in 2016 with the story book “Der Grenzgänger”.

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