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Gabriele Bagge

Before Summer Ends [Bevor der Herbst kommt]

A family saga. First part

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Edition: 1st

Release year: 2023

Number of pages: 470 pages

Images: 0 fig.

Format: 13.00 x 19.00 cm

Language/s: German

ISBN: 978-3-910347-24-3

ISBN (ePDF): 978-3-910347-25-0

ISBN (EPUB): 978-3-910347-26-7

Short text

Sophia Mohr grew up in Diepholz in the late 18th century as the daughter of a wig maker. After the French Revolution, this craft was doomed and hardly anyone wanted to wear wigs anymore. Sophia's childhood wish of being able to take over the workshop is dashed and she sets out on her own life.

She meets the young traveling journeyman Anton Auling. The two spend a summer together in Vechta. With Anton's support, will Sophia be able to move forward with new plans before autumn comes?

The author Gabriele Bagge creates an entertaining, continuing family saga. The story is set in the guild world of Münster, Osnabrück, Diepholz and Vechta.

VLB keywords: family saga, generational novel, Münsterland, Münster, Anton Auling, Sophia Mohr, Hanover, Vechta, Diepholz, Osnabrück, craftsmen, guilds, guild system, women, master's daughter, wigs, French Revolution, hair lace making, hair braiding, journeyman migration, 18th century , wandering, traveling journeyman

About the author

Gabriele Bagge

Gabriele Bagge was born in Vechta in 1960, the daughter of a couple of technicians. Her parents ran a watchmaker's and optician's workshop there. She studied German and art education at the University of Oldenburg and worked as a special needs teacher for many years.

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