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Maik Schurkus

The Eifel robbers [Die Eifelräuber]

A novel on robbers. In the Rhineland in the 18th century

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Edition: 1.

Release year: 2024

Number of pages: 192 pages

Images: None

Format: 12.0 x 19.0 cm

Language/s: German

ISBN (printed book): 978-3-910347-42-7

ISBN (ePDF): 978-3-910347-43-4

ISBN (EPUB): 978-3-910347-44-1

Short text

A young man sits in a dungeon waiting to be executed. It is Reinhard who, along with his brother, joined one of the robber gangs that made the Eifel unsafe around 1800. From now on, notorious guys like “der Fetzer” and Carl Heckmann are their belligerent companions. Ever since they were instigated to rob a church by a shady stranger, the devil himself seems to have a hand in their robberies.

When a little girl dies in a fire during an attack, Reinhard feels haunted by her spirit of revenge. He sees the danger of betrayal too late - can he save his brother and himself from the guillotine with his confession of his life?

The author Maik Schurkus creates an exciting, detailed story about the robbers in the Eifel around 1800. From Aachen to Cologne, he incorporates actual locations and trial files from the time into the story.

Keywords: adventure novel, adventure, story, Eifel, Zülpich, Voreifel, French revolutionary troops, robbers, robber gangs, law enforcement, Matthias Weber, The Fetzer, Wilhelm Meyer, The Zöllicher Willem, Carl Heckmann, Aachen, dungeon, Eifel gang, Cologne, Neuwied, 19 .Century, border area, raids, robbers, French era.

About the author

Maik Schurkus

Maik Schurkus, born in Cologne, worked as a bookseller for some time and studied literature. He has been working as a freelance journalist since 2010. His subject is primarily the late 18th century and the Napoleonic period with the upheavals that are still noticeable in Europe today. His short stories, which are set in the present, are always about the moment from which everything began to go wrong. Maik Schurkus is, among other things, a member of the Cologne Literature Studio and the authors' group FAUST. Most recently, as an editor, he helped shape the “Lust auf Literatur” format.

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