Methode der historischen Forschung

New research series on Sicilian history - Fontes Historiae Siciliae

Our publisher, Christian Leeck, is a proven expert on the ancient history of Sicily. He researched the chorai of the Greek poleis, the island's ancient coinage and land-based long-distance transport in the Iron Age. In October 2024 he will publish a new series of publications that will generate completely new methodological impulses in historical research on Sicily.

The FHS series brings together research from various historical disciplines. The focus is on the analysis and interpretation of the material findings, in connection to their role in reconstructing the ancient and medieval history of Sicily.

Research contributions acknowledge the material findings, including numismatic, architectural, ceramic, and epigraphic findings, in their function as a data basis in the process of historical knowledge acquisition; thus, the archaeological source assumes a function that goes beyond merely verifying the statements from the historical literature. With this basic understanding, FHS also offers a platform for methodological exchange in the historical research.

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