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Partner publisher with a focus on Celtic Studies

Even before the official start in December 2022, our publishing house now has its first cooperation partner.

As a historical and classical studies publisher, we are very pleased about the partnership with the publisher curach bhán publications in Hagen/Westphalia. Curach bhán [ˈkʊɾˠax waːn] is Celtic and means "white boat".

The publisher, Daniel Büchner, has maintained a publishing programme with around 50 titles since 2009, including numerous books on Celtic archaeology, cultural and linguistic history.

Daniel Büchner is highly regarded in professional circles as an expert in publishing and typesetting  the printed products from his company are really impressive.

As fields of cooperation, we are now concentrating on the areas of print preparation, direct sales and author acquisition. We look forward to a dynamic partnership with many release projects in the near future!

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