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Walter Eder

Citizen and state in Greco-Roman antiquity. Collected Writings

Publisher: Franz Steiner

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Release year: 2023

Scope: 746 pages

Format: 245mm x 179mm x 51mm

Language/s: German

  • ISBN-13: 9783515133739
  • short text

  • Walter Eder provides a new overall picture of archaic and classical Greek and Roman Republican history. Central is the development of the state and society, which he examines using often unconventional questions. He emphasizes the role of the nobility, which always gave the decisive impetus, adapted to stay in power, allowed broader strata to have a say, and ultimately disempowered themselves. For Greece, Eder's main interest is the integrative role of tyranny and the reassessment of the 4th century in which democracy emerged after the 411-404 BC crisis. developed into a stable independent form of constitution. Convinced of the importance of Rome's early history for all later developments, Eder reinterprets the role of the last kings, the tribunate and the struggles between the estates. He analyzes the consequences of the republican constitution, which is based on compromises and improvisations, for the crisis and fall of the republic and finds Augustus's success in his politics, which are deeply rooted in republican traditions and which made the principate an independent link between republic and monarchy.
  • A valuable anthology with contributions to the history of ancient societies and constitutions.
  • Tags: state, citizen, nobility, society, antiquity, Rome, Greece, classical period, archaic period, Greek archaic, social development, state theory, republican constitution, democracy, politics, principate.
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