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Stefan Fraß

Equality, public spirit and statehood in archaic Greece

Publisher: utzverlag GmbH

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Release year: 2018

Scope: 278 pages

Format: ePDF

Language/s: German

  • ISBN-13: 9783831673810
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  • The Greek Archaic was an epoch of dynamic development processes. This book focuses on the emergence of a state order in this phase of ancient Greek history. In particular, the importance of egalitarian social structures in the emergence of statehood will be examined. The presence of a high degree of social community spirit among the lower-elitist citizens can also be identified. This circumstance, in turn, had a large part in the specifically Greek development process of statehood. Because, contrary to the global tendencies in such processes, this was not fundamentally connected with the monopolization of positions of power and social hierarchization. Rather, in all Greek polities of the archaic period, the elites had to show a high degree of consideration for the political sensitivities of the lower-elite citizens. In some Greek polities, this led to an institutionalization of political equality and social community spirit at the end of the Archaic period. A globally unique and evolutionarily unlikely system of rule emerged: democracy.
  • Tags: Greece, archaic, Greek history, population, society, polis communities, equality, statehood, domination, institutionalization.
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