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Christophe Rico

polis. Learn Ancient Greek like a living language

Publisher: Buske

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Circulation: 2.

Release year: 2018

Scope: 301 pages

Format: 238mm x 169mm x 20mm

Language/s: German, Ancient Greek

  • ISBN-13: 9783875485714
  • short text

  • Target group: Learners at universities, other adult education institutions or in self-study who want to learn ancient Greek with a new method or refresh their knowledge. Previous knowledge is not required.
  • Learning objectives: Access to the ancient Greek language through active acquisition and speaking of the elementary everyday Greek of the Koiné period, ie the post-classical language form, in preparation for dealing with the more complex language forms and the world of ancient Greek texts in general.
  • Concept: The textbook is kept in Greek throughout, with German translations added only where necessary. All 12 lessons often have a dialogic character. The main protagonists are pupils/students and their Greek teacher, whereby all of the characters, as well as the scenes and situations described in the texts, are predominantly slapstick-like humorous to the grotesque.
  • Some passages from the New Testament (as the best-known Koiné vernacular text) supplement the content. The main elements of the language are introduced in a gentle progression. All the words used are explained and translated in a sentence context in the vocabulary section. Exercises with a wide range of methods and content specifically deepen grammar and vocabulary. The appendix includes the German translation of all texts and the exercise key.
  • An audio CD with the textbook texts forms an additional methodological starting point for the lessons. A reconstructed pronunciation of the 4th century was used for this. v. Chr. used, which is essentially compatible with the local school pronunciation.
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