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Räuchle, Viktoria/ Page, Sven/ Goldbeck, Vibeke

Pathos and Polis. Use and Effect of Emotions in Classical Greece

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

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Release year: 2022

Scope: 324 pages

Format: 238mm x 166mm x 25mm

Language/s: German

  • ISBN-13: 9783161613326
  • short text

  • The classic polis was a breeding ground for pathos , for passions. However, affects and emotions were not only viewed as disruptive factors in the social order that were difficult to tame. They were also considered an indispensable means of internalizing collective norms and values, thereby making an important contribution to strengthening the community.
  • This volume examines the role of emotions in classical Greek societies from an interdisciplinary perspective. Ten contributions from classical philology, ancient history and classical archeology offer a wide range of testimonies as well as methodical and theoretical approaches to do justice to the variety of aesthetic, rhetorical and performative strategies that are used in the 'Theater of Passions' in the classical Polis were involved.

    Tags: polis, polis history, society, rhetoric, pathos, emotions, classical period, Greece.

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