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Mareile Rassiller

Imperial authority in cult and god motifs. An Analysis of Coins from Augustus to Trajan

Publisher: Kohlhammer

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Release year: 2022

Scope: 260 pages

Format: 229mm x 158mm x 17mm

Language/s: German

  • ISBN-13: 9783170420496
  • short text

  • Even today, the motifs on Roman coins show how the emperor's power was founded and mediated. The central position of religious references is striking. How is the mention of the emperor's priestly titles on coins to be weighted in terms of content? What role did an emperor's "piety" play? And what sense does it make when gods themselves are depicted as offering sacrifices?
  • Mareile Rassiller analyzes the extensively preserved imperial coinage with a view to references to Roman cults and the representation of divine support. With a mixture of quantitative overview and detailed analysis of the motifs in their specific context, the author arrives at new insights into the role of Roman religion in the representation and legitimacy of imperial authority.
  • Tags: imperial times, motifs of gods, cult representations, coins, emperors, coin types, Roman coins, numismatics, imperial coinage, Roman religion, legitimacy of power.
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