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Ursula Kampmann

Roman Imperial Coins

Publisher: Battenberg

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Circulation: 4th, revised edition

Release year: 2022

Scope: 568 pages

Format: 248mm x 182mm x 35mm

Language/s: German

  • ISBN-13: 9783866462106
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  • For many years, the "Kampmann" has proven itself as the standard work for collectors of ancient coins from the Roman Empire . Now the new edition with updated prices is finally available. Collectors and dealers have long appreciated the clearly arranged and richly illustrated catalogue, which you can also take with you to the next coin fair. The detailed introduction provides the collector with the most important basics for collecting Roman coins and introduces the grades of preservation and special features of the valuation. The different denominations are presented and the many deities and personifications with their attributes are shown in drawings. A small list of important abbreviations and legends follows. The catalog is divided into emperors and their family members. Each emperor is preceded by a short biography with a brief history of the coin and the most important information for collectors.
  • The catalog section follows the ten-volume, scientifically based reference work "Roman Imperial Coinage" (RIC). The ratings in the grades "fine", "very fine" and "excellent" can provide both beginners and advanced users with clues for a specific identification and rating of a coin. The focus is still on the back types, otherwise it would be impossible to keep the proven handy format. In particular, the new edition offers a reassessment of the prices, but also provides the collector with a few more dating aids for the chronological classification of his coins. The latest RIC volume on Hadrian has been incorporated, and smaller further reading tips and sources for the interested collector have been added.
  • Tags: coins, imperial times, roman numismatics, catalogue, coinage, rome, denominations, emperors, overview, history of coins.
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