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Janett Schröder

The Polis as victor. War Memorials in Archaic-Classical Greece

Publisher: de Gruyter

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Release year: 2019

Scope: 352 pages

Format: ePDF, EPUB

Language/s: German

  • ISBN-13: 9783110637328
  • Short text:

    The volume offers the first systematic and, to some extent, interdisciplinary analysis of war memory phenomena in the archaic-classical period. The interrelationships between war commemoration, collective identities and the history of the city-states are shown on the basis of the development of monument traditions. Among other things, the study makes an important contribution to the understanding of the Greek polis communities.

    Tags: monuments, war memorials, archaic, classic, Greece, city-states, poleis, memory, war, identities, polis communities.

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