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Marion Meyer, Gianfranco Adornato

Innovations and Inventions in Athens c. 530 to 470 BCE - Two Crucial Generations [Innovations and inventions in Athens, ca. 530-470 BC - The two decisive generations]

Publisher: Jacobek, Roman, Mag. / Phoibos

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Release year: 2020

Scope: 294 pages

Format: 304mm x 215mm x 30mm

Language/s: German English

  • ISBN-13: 9783851612363
  • short title

  • The volume presents the results of a workshop focused on Athens and broadens the perspective to include glimpses of Aegina and Syracuse. Sixteen essays and an introductory chapter examine innovations and inventions in the fields of style (particularly plastic), technology, the use and design of ceramics, architecture and urbanism, theatrical and commemorative practice, as well as changes in pictorial narrative and in the self-image of the Athenians in the period from about 530 to 470 BC. Chr.
  • The innovations that mark the end of the archaic period and the beginning of the classical period are mostly interpreted not as a break but as phenomena of a smooth transition.
  • Tags: Innovations, Inventions, Athens, Archaic, Aegina, Syracuse, Technology, Urbanism, Classical Period, Architecture, Ceramics Production.
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