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Hans Beck

Polis and Koinon. Investigations into the history and structure of the Greek federal states in the 4th century BC. Chr.

Publisher: Franz Steiner

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Release year: 2017

Scope: 316 pages

Format: ePDF

Language/s: German

  • ISBN-13: 9783515118019
  • short text

    The study determines the politico-legal character of the Greek 'states' in pre-Hellenistic times based on a complete catalog of all koiná . In view of the instability of interstate relations in the 4th century, the integration of several poleis in a koinon appears ostensibly as a tried and tested means of reducing regional conflicts. But how was the autonomy of the polis compatible with the principle of federal integration? The analysis shows that there was an insurmountable field of tension between the polis and the koinon. Thus, the political union in a koinon did not bring about a permanent overcoming of the particularism of the polis, but in turn created new crises and conflicts.

    Hans Beck is the John McNaughton Chair of Classics and Professor of Ancient History at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. He has produced numerous publications on the history of archaic and classical Greece and on the political system of the Roman Republic.

    Tags: Poleis, Polis communities, Polis associations, Koiná, autonomy, federal states, confederations of states, Greece, antiquity, political orders.

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