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Gunnar Seelentag

Archaic Crete. Institutionalization in early Greece

Publisher: De Gruyter

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Release year: 2015

Scope: 623 pages

Format: EPUB, ePDF

Language/s: German

  • ISBN-13: 9783110392623
  • short title

  • This book is a study of institutionalization in early Greece. This subject is treated with a view to Archaic Crete , arguably the best case study for such an analysis. Because on the basis of the rich Cretan material, the findings of literary and archaeological evidence, but above all the large number of inscriptions from the 7th to 5th centuries, it is possible, as for no other area in Greece, to shed light on some of the central To raise questions of this epoch: for example, which socio-political integration circles were meaningful in the early polis communities, and under what circumstances the participation of the citizens in the community was promoted; how prominent political roles and decision-making processes were regulated and perpetuated; and finally, which strategies have been tested to deal with social conflicts in the community.
  • This book is a must for any ancient historian studying the history of the polis and urban life forms in Archaic Greece.
  • Tags: Crete, archaic, archaic period, Greece, ancient source literature, archeology, remains, inscriptions, poleis, society.
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