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Karl-Wilhelm Welwei

The Greek polis. Constitution and society in archaic and classical times

Publisher: Franz Steiner

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Circulation: 3.

Release year: 2017

Scope: 377 pages

Format: 238mm x 171mm x 28mm

Language/s: German

  • ISBN-13: 9783515115612
  • short text

    With The Greek Polis, Karl-Wilhelm Welwei has created a standard work of classical studies: The elementary results and innovative interpretations offered in the "Greek Polis" form the basis for a large part of later studies. First published in 1983, the volume provides a fundamental and comprehensive presentation of the polis as a complex form of political and social organization.

    Welwei's main merit lies in having created a synthesis within a difficult, difficult-to-overview research landscape and at the same time having given important impulses for further reflection. The result is a volume that should not be missing from the shelves of any student or lecturer to this day. Now the classic is appearing in a new edition, introduced by Karl-Joachim Hölkeskamp and Mischa Meier.

    Tags: history of the polis, Greek polis, constitution, population, society, classic, archaic, Greece, antiquity, democracy, rule, forms of society.

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